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The Prince A.D. Obolensky School for Special Children

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The Prince A.D. Obolensky School for Special Children was established in 1964 on the grounds of the “Berezichi” Estate, the ancestral home of the Obolensky family since the 14th century.

The school was home to 80 children, ages 6-16. Most were wards of the State and came from the local area. They were mentally handicapped, autistic, or have suffered emotional abuse stemming from domestic violence and other socio-economic problems. The school provided the only safe and nurturing environment most of these children have ever known. Over 500 children have "graduated" from Berezichi and many have gone on to lead full and productive lives.

The school was located on the grounds of the Ugra National Park which was granted biosphere reserve status by UNESCO in 2002. It was closed in June, 2011.


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